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Advertisement in the Internet

Setting of a context advertisement, google AdWords, yandex direct
Contex advertisement is the most effective and qualitative instrument of a marketing in the Internet. Correct setting of an advertisement campaign allows you to get clients in the day of AC launching and to pay only for hot cliques, i.d. fo those audience, which is interested in your product.

Campaign VDT.site is the reliable partner in the creation of your marketing strategy on the advertisement platforms of a Google AdWords and Yandex Direct.

The process of our collaboration

We like the specificity and order. We hope, that your will like our approach to the business conducting.

Analysis and analytics. We learn your company, target audience, direct competitiors
Strategy development. We are planning the advertisement campaign and making an action map.
Testing company. We are launching testing AC in order to define conversion, price for clique, best requests.
Main advertisement campaign. Launching of a context on the full power, concerning analysis and analytics and results.
Support and control. Constant monitoring and changes implementation to the campaign.
Контекстная реклама

Контекстная реклама

We are certificated with Google!

Certificate Google AdWords indicates that we are qualified specialists in the sphere of internet-marketing. To get it we have successfully passed basic and deep courses about AdWords and successfully passed the Google exams.

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