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Development of logotypes, banners, identic, group formation
Corporate style of a company – is the most important element of branding. Correct combination of the colors, deep philosophical sense, putted in the symbolic of a company and a harmony make the first, most important customer’s impression about your business.

Studio of full cycle VDT.site will create for you a remembering logotype, qualitative identic, spectacular advertisement banner or vivid design of groups in a social media.

Logotype elaborating

The process of logotype making takes time, talent and the deep understanding of a psychology and ideology of a company, because exact a logotype says the first word about its owner.

Sphere of activity, culture and philosophy of your company studying
Analysis of the competitors, their marketing-strategies, approach to the business conducting
Estimation of the last changes and trends, image of the target audience making
Concept, elaborating and painting of a 3 different logotype variants

Examples of WEB-DESIGN

Important to remember!

Qualitative graphics, banner, logotype or identic, should be performed by professionals, who carefully study and understand the case. Designers in VDT.site studio have a multi-year experience and wonderful sense of taste.

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