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Frequently asked questions

Do you work officially? What guarantees you may provide?

Yes, professional web-studio VDT.site works only within the legislation rules enter into a model contract about collaboration. Official documents are signed on behalf of Ukrainian or Russian representation.

Do you use the unfair methods of promotion?

Categorically no. we guarantee only clear, fair, organic promotion of the sites or groups in social media, because we understand the importance of reputation for our clients.

Can I pay for services including Value-added tax?

For natural persons, small entrepreneurs and small business we give you an opportunity to save 20% (absence of a need to pay Value-added tax), entering into a contract with our entrepreneurship. In case if you are payer of Value-added tax, we can enter into a contract in behalf of Private limited company.

Do you have an official representative? Where can I meet you?

Yes, we have an official representative in Kiev (Ukraine) and infrastructural office in city of Tula (Russia). We can hold a meeting in our office or on the neutral territory, if it would be more comfortable for you.

May I pay for work in stages?

We never ask for 100% prepayment, if it is about site development. For the simple projects, 50% is enough, however, the more expensive and difficult the project is, the more stages we include. Our studio gives you an opportunity to control the process on all the stages of development!

On which site’s engine do you work? Do you do any modifications?

Your site is created on the author’s platform, written on modern and multifunctional framework Yii2, that allows us to realize all the solutions. Our studio do not conduct the projects on the ready site engines and cloud platforms, elaborating the unique project for each client. Also we do not do modifications or edits, doing all the projects turnkey.

Do you do an integration with the outside services: 1C, binotel, jivosite etc?

Yes. Our studio will integrate for you without any problem any pay services, delivery services, online telephony, CRM. Also, we can develop the possibility to download and upload data in\out of Exel or 1C.

What are the prices on your services?

Price of each project is calculating individually, taking into account terms, amount and complicity of implementation. However ,we can offer you ready complex set of tools in the area of email-marketing, SMM, context advertisement and copyright! Prices on the sites turnkey development are starting from 500$!

Confidential policy, moral principles?

We are guided by the strict moral principles. Firstly, for our team is the friendly, confidence relations with the client are important. We are ready to do a lot in order to have such a relations. We keep confidentiality. We will never transfer a private information about projects and clients to third persons.

Do you support sites after project completion?

Of course, we do. All the sites developed by us, is a guarantee for 1 month, during which we control the work quality on your site, provide technical service. Also we have elaborated the expanded tariff scale for regular customer, which want to get qualified technical support for their resource.

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