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Inner SEO

Optimization of a code, tags, attributes, maps of a site
Inner searching optimization – is a complex of measures, directed on the optimization of inner functional, code and the possibilities with the aim to increase the correct interrelation of a site and a searching systems. Correct results showing in searching systems – is a great idea to save money on an advertisement and promotion, and also to get a chance for good competitive advantage.

Studio of web-design VDT.site will conduct a full set of jobs in inner turnkey optimization of your site. Trust this business for professionals and get solid advantages thanks to collaborating with us.

What the inner SEO includes??

Each element subject to optimization – is the important factor, which influence the results showing in searching systems.

  1. Key headlines H1-H6
  2. File Robots.txt
  3. Work with pages-dublicates (301 redirect) and language versions
  4. Creation of a file Sitemap
  5. Redirect WWW
  6. Pagination setting
  7. Compression qzip
  8. Bread crumps
  9. Browser cash setting
  10. Metatags
  11. page 404
  12. Adding of a micro layout Open Graph
  13. Pages of filtration and sorting
  14. Structuring of a site with micro layout schedma.org
  15. SSL certificate (optional)

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